Verification & Limits

We comply with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws & regulations, in line with industry standards. We are obligated to collect information to confirm your identity & reduce risks. The steps below explain how you can increase your spending limits.

Step 1: Create your profile

Click HERE to create your profile. Confirm your phone number & address HERE as a next step.

Step 2: Upload your documents

Upload a clear copy of thes documents in YOUR PROFILE to activate the credit/debit card payment option & increase your spending limits:

  • Front side & back side of your government-issued ID card or the photo page of your passport.

Verification Level: 1

Transaction Limits:  €50 (Daily) / €100 (Weekly)

  • Selfie picture of you holding your government-issued ID card or passport (show the photo page)

Verification Level: 1 +

Transaction Limits:  €150 (Daily) / €300 (Weekly)

  • Proof of residence (a utility bill or statement with your name and address on it).

Verification Level: 2

Transaction Limits:  €500 (Daily) / €1000 (Weekly)

Step 3: Video Chat (Optional – FULL Verification)

After your uploaded documents have been verified and approved AND you have successfully completed 3 transactions on our platform, we invite you to get fully upgraded by completing the final step of verification via video chat.

This verification service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

E-mail us to get in touch with our compliance department. We will send full instructions to your verified e-mail & the upgrade is instant.

Verification Level: 3

Transaction Limits:  up to €2,500 (Daily) / up to €10,000 (Weekly)



Coin.FM staff will NEVER request money, coins, passwords, or seed phrases via email, video chat, or phone. NEVER trust anyone requesting this sensitive information on behalf of Coin.FM. 


*All amounts are in Euros.

**Limits may vary at the sole discretion of management, based on account history & additional criteria.